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What We Do

Get Your Head In Gear Course

We run regular courses offering people the opporunity to rest, recover and rejuvenate their tired minds in a fun, relaxed group environment

Wise Workplaces

We offer coporate training days to help businesses overcome the damaging effects of stress in the workplace. Events can be held either on or off site

One To One Sessions

We provide Direct Coaching and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy to individuals, providing a more tailored approach for those that would like further support on their journey.


Our Students Love Us

“A really insightful presentation about ones mental health and how to take a few moments to look after it. Excellent techniques delivered by Rachel who is adept and passionate. A unique power tool to look after your employees and fellow colleagues and something that everyone should take on board and practice.”

Andrew De Faoite

Medical Advisor , Janssen Inc

“We asked Rachel at Wise Self to come and do a Foundation course to our eight person team. Not only were the team stimulated and provided with resilience tools in times of stress, they also saw it as an investment in them as individuals and team members. We look forward to a refresher course in a few months’ time.”

Peter Askew

CEO & Fund Manager, Bailey Asset Management

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