The 21st January or Blue Monday as it’s commonly known, is allegedly the gloomiest day of the year and by this date who hasn’t reneged on the odd New Year’s Resolution?! January is notorious for it’s lapsed diets and fitness regimes and at the outset of 2019 you may also be feeling disillusioned with your subscriptions to the latest Mindfulness Apps; along with your distinct lack of Zen! However, at Wise Space we hope that we can help prevent the quest for Mental Fitness becoming the new ‘January Gym Membership’; so that the practice is not forgotten by the end of the month, disappearing in the vortex of New Year’s good intentions.

Techcrunch noted a boom in Mindfulness Apps in the first quarter of 2018 and in 2019 the trend looks set to continue. Mindfulness is about being present and training our brains to focus more readily on the ‘here and now’, reducing stress and maximising happiness.  However as with any form of physical or mental fitness routine, it can become another thing on the ever-increasing ‘to do list’ and as we beat ourselves up for not progressing on the path to enlightenment we decide to drop out, cancelling our subscriptions. 

But what if there was another way and rather than setting unrealistic goals and expecting ourselves to sit for hours on end chanting ‘Om’, why not take it easy and make mindfulness work for us? Contemplative practice was invented in a time a with less distractions and so it’s important to adapt it to modern life.  Evidence shows that 8-10 minutes of Mindfulness a day can start to change the structure of your brain improving concentration, attention skills and enhancing wellbeing.

At Wise Space you can practice brief Mindfulness exercises in a relaxed, fun group environment designed to foster consistency in the practice and a sense of community, which the Digital Wellbeing offerings fall short on. We can show you how your day can be comprised of lots of Micro-Mindfulness activities of a few minutes each, including awareness of the breath which can be a great technique to calm and centre the mind on a busy commute, for example. In fact, you can bring awareness to almost anything for example drinking a cup of tea or going on a mindful walk on your lunch hour.  Or our favourite here at Wise Space – engaging in a relaxation exercise before bed! So it seems as the saying goes ‘a series of small things can lead to great things’ and can really help to boost your Mental Fitness on Blue Monday and beyond!

For more ideas on how you can make Mindfulness work for you this January why not Contact us on or call 07739003259 to find out more about our workshops in the Heart of the City.