What Is Mindfulness?

Quite the opposite of what it sounds actually!

Meditation isn’t just for monks!

Mindfulness is the UK’s fastest growing technique for managing stress and maximizing satisfaction.  Rather than dwelling on negative thoughts and feelings and being ‘stuck in our heads’ we can retrain our minds and focus more readily on the Here and the Now.  In a fast-paced working environment Mindfulness can enable people to attend more closely to the task at hand, problem-solve ore effectively and approach their days with clarity and a sense of calm.

Sound too good to be true? Well the science shows that you can literally re-wire your brain and after 8 weeks of regular practice you can reduce the grey matter in the part of your brain responsible for firing off the stress response and enhance neural pathways in the cortex – the ‘Executive Boss’ which can keep the unruly threat system of the brain in check – leading to improved cognitive abilities and an overall sense of calm!

The brains of regular meditators work a little bit differently and studies have shown that through regular practice they have improved problem solving skills, decision making abilities, their attention and concentration are more advanced, they are more creative with solutions, they demonstrate more interpersonal effectiveness and are more emotionally intelligent and thus better able to manage stress and the daily demands of life (The Mindfulness Initiative, 2016).

Two words here – REGULAR and PRACTICE.  And these are the difficult bits so that is where Wise Space is here to help.  We provide a Space you can visit regularly to practice these skills and our facilitators can teach you how you can make Mindfulness work for you and help you incorporate it into your life! You don’t have to sit crossed-legged and say ‘Om’ but you can if you want to!


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“A really insightful presentation about ones mental health and how to take a few moments to look after it. Excellent techniques delivered by Rachel who is adept and passionate. A unique power tool to look after your employees and fellow colleagues and something that everyone should take on board and practice.”

Andrew De Faoite

Medical Advisor , Janssen Inc

“We asked Rachel at Wise Self to come and do a Foundation course to our eight person team. Not only were the team stimulated and provided with resilience tools in times of stress, they also saw it as an investment in them as individuals and team members. We look forward to a refresher course in a few months’ time.” Peter Askew

CEO & Fund Manager, Bailey Asset Management

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