Get Your Head In Gear

Got that Stressed-out, Frazzled-out Feeling? Does your brain need some downtime from the Frantic, Busyness of City life?!

Well, you’ve come to right Space!

Here at Wise Space we offer individuals and groups the Space to:

Learn techniques designed to boost resilience

Increase clarity, focus and concentation

Increase your energy levels and start to have fun again!

Our Services

We Help People

Boost Energy Levels

Being constantly caught up in our own thoughts and emotions can be exhausting! We help you feel alive and rejuvenated again 

Develop A Sense Of Peace

Through a mixture of Mindfulness, Relaxation and Cognitive Behavioral techniques we help connect to the “Here & Now” and feel more peaceful

Enhance Positive Emotions

Improve Emotional Intelligence and develop Self-Love as you learn to Re-Wire your Brain through Self-Compassion and Gratitude

Build Mental Strength

Just like getting fit, building and maintaining a strong and peaceful mind takes work! Say hello to the Gym for your mind

Learn Stress Relief Techniques

Life can get hectic sometimes! We’ll teach you the cutting-edge strategies to help you to calm the mind and take a step back from those stressful moments

Improve Clairty & Focus

By sharpening your concentration and attention skills you’ll gain the clarity and focus you need to help acheive your goals and desires

Our courses run over 6 weeks but every course is unique so you’re always welcome to stay on and do another if you wish! Each 45-minute class has a particular theme but will be different every time.  See our Fees Page for further details.


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“A really insightful presentation about ones mental health and how to take a few moments to look after it. Excellent techniques delivered by Rachel who is adept and passionate. A unique power tool to look after your employees and fellow colleagues and something that everyone should take on board and practice.”

Andrew De Faoite

Medical Advisor , Janssen Inc

“We asked Rachel at Wise Self to come and do a Foundation course to our eight person team. Not only were the team stimulated and provided with resilience tools in times of stress, they also saw it as an investment in them as individuals and team members. We look forward to a refresher course in a few months’ time.” Peter Askew

CEO & Fund Manager, Bailey Asset Management

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